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Mission Statement

Stay Bright. Stay Humble. Inspire Hope. Instigate Change.

Lupine Heart Clothing was born on the 4th July 2014.

It began as a crazy idea, a dream, a possibility.

Today the Lupine Heart Community (or Wolf Pack as we like to call it!) has become something of a family and meeting place for a wide range of people, all over the globe. Our brand is not only a shop front or an artist store offering goods to purchase – we praise ourselves on being an open, friendly and immersive community where the artist and customers connect on a level that is much deeper than simply shopping online.

Our Instagram family is at the heart of this communication and we love nothing more than conversing with our friends and customers, sharing ideas, thoughts and design work. The idea of simply being a name behind a screen is alien to us – we love to get to know our customers and hear their thoughts as much as our own.

Art, music, creativity and positive messages are at the core of Lupine Heart and we strive to become more diverse with every project we undertake.

Our environmental and ethical codes are essential to who we are and these areas can always be improved upon. Currently we use only Fairtrade, Organic and Earth Friendly clothing materials and all of our inks (for clothing prints) are water based and non-toxic. The packaging we use is minimal, biodegradable yet strong enough to transport your goodies safely and we send an e-confirmation rather than wasting paper for order slips. These values and practices mean that we can continue to impact the lives of people who engage with our brand, without leaving a negative mark on the planet. These values are fully outlined on our ‘What We Stand For’ page.

We welcome customers and friends from all over the planet and have already shipped to over 15 different countries, including the UK, Australia, US, Finland, Tahiti, Germany, Indonesia, Norway and Spain. We are based in the growing town of Stockport, U.K.

Thank you for reading this and being a part of our journey – We couldn’t do this without you!