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Image of Self Love Boxes (Build Your Own)

Self Love Boxes (Build Your Own)

Whether you're going into the New Year alone or with a loved one, 2018 has infinite possibilities for you. Welcome in the new year with some time and love for yourself.

I've designed these Self-Love Box with those dark and tough periods in mind - These bundles are designed to inspire and uplift, to encourage you out of your comfort zone and to give yourself the love that you deserve.

They would make the perfect gift for a friend or loved one who needs reminding of their worth but they would also be a great way of giving yourself some recognition and motivation to push on with your 2018 goals.

The bundles have a 'build your own' format, you can choose how many items you'd like and also pick each item specifically. This makes them 100% Personal to you.

I'm not a creator of copies or prints - Every single handmade item that goes into these bundles is unique. The Poetry Presses, letters, artwork, Journals, Stickers and Affirmation Cards are all handmade and original. I will sit down and create them from scratch for you.

Each Self-Love Box will be packaged in a Personalised Hand Designed Gift Box, lined with tissue paper and dried flower petals - They smell beautiful when opened and will be packed with bright colours to keep those good vibes flowing.

Let's build your bundle!

1. Use the drop down menu to choose how many items you'd like in your box (Every Box is hand designed, personalised and lined with tissue paper and dried flower petals and will also include a Free Handwritten Letter - leave a note at the checkout if you'd like me to write something on a particular topic for you). The boxes are priced according to how many items they contain:

Your Choice of 2 items + Box + Letter = £15
Your Choice of 3 items + Box + Letter = £22
Your Choice of 4 items + Box + Letter = £25
Your Choice of 5 items + Box + Letter = £30
Your Choice of 6 items + Box + Letter = £33
Your Choice of 7 items + Box + Letter = £37
All 8 Items + Box + Letter = £40

2. Choose your items from the following list (leave a note at the checkout with which items you'd like. You can leave the note section blank if you'd like a random selection):
* Poetry Press (Handmade Recycled Paper with a line of inspirational original poetry, decorated with pressed flowers and threaded with string so that they can be hung on your wall)
* Handwritten Original Poem (I will personally write out one of my self-love poems for you)
* Inspirational Piece Of Original Watercolour Art (Created just for you)
* Empower & Inspire Sticker Pack (A set of stickers to remind you of your worth and motivate you)
* Inspirational Foil Stamped Pencil (To inspire your creative flow)
* Positivity Journal (A Notebook For Your Positive Thoughts, Goals and Daydreams), with inspirational messages dotted throughout)
* Set of 7 Affirmations Cards (Perfect for your desk, wall or wallet)
* Pass Along Postcard (An Artwork Postcard To Pass Along To A Friend Or Loved One Who Needs A Reminder Of Their Worth)

3. Add the box to your cart, leave your notes at the checkout, including yours/recipients name, letter theme and item names and let me create your bundle!

- Self Love Boxes will be shipped out 1-5 days after your order has been placed, this gives me time to put together your box with care and attention.