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Image of Protest Pencils

Protest Pencils

We keep turning a blind eye, pushing the truth from sight. Our minds filled with the lies that this was never our fight. But this is our fight and this here is your life, so join me and stand up. Unveil your eyes; Unchain your mind - Taking from my original poem, 'Turning A Blind Eye' (Available in my Poetry Zine, see other listing)

Make a stand for what you believe in with this bold set of Protest Pencils. Inspired by my political and activist original poetry, may these Pencils inspire countless revolutions within your world.

*2B, hexagonal, graphite protest pencils.
*All protest pencils have a pink eraser with a gold clamp.
*Pencils are provided unsharpened.
*Please note that pencil colour refers to the coloured coating and not the lead.
*Silver Foil Stamped

*We are very proud that our protest pencils are made in the USA, featuring wood from sustained yield forests – they are the most environmentally friendly wood case pencils available.

*Available as a Protest Pack (1 of each design) or Individually.

Available Designs:

- Question Everything (Maroon)
- Unchain Your Mind (Dark Green)
- Write And Resist (Dark Blue)

Shipped out within 24 hours.

Add any Lupine Heart Notebook to your order, and we will send you a FREE Protest Pencil.

U.K Based, Worldwide Shipping.

Image of Protest Pencils