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Image of Midnight Garden Hand Painted Ukulele

Midnight Garden Hand Painted Ukulele

"Once the noise of the day begins to fade, and the moonlight's sway captures my gaze, my spirit awakens, my mind blossoms open. Under the sparkling sky, I'm reminded of my worth. From the midnight garden comes my mind's rebirth"

Inspired by my original poem, 'Midnight Garden' - This Ukulele captures the essence and feelings of waking up when most others are going to sleep, the creative energy of the night, where the possibilities are endless. The longing to stay awake and keep creating.

This design is handmade to order, so you are purchasing a unique hand Painted Ukulele, one of a kind in the world.

I will also be including a handwritten copy of my poem 'Midnight Garden' with this Ukulele.

Shipped within 3 days.

My Soprano Ukes are hand painted with love with over 5 hours of careful detail and attention. They are painted with Earth Friendly inks that don't damage the environment and coated to protect and preserve the artwork.

Each Uke is unique and a one off, making them perfect for inspiring beginners or exciting music enthusiasts. They are hand numbered, signed and personalised. They also come in their own carry bag so that you can take your Uke on all of your adventures!

The photos display each side of the Ukulele further customisations can be added by using the drop down menu. Leave a note at the checkout with details of names etc.

Make It Personal (Use the drop down menu to purchase these additional customisations):
- Name Personalisation: Have yours or the recipients name painted on the back of the Ukulele
- Name and Bag Personalisation: As well as the back of the Ukulele, I will also Hand paint a full design on the ukulele gig bag and personalise it with yours or the recipients name.
-Additional Artwork: Want an extra design, poem or quote painted on the back of the ukulele? Choose this option.
- Fully Personalised: Name, Bag and Additional Artwork (All of the above options)

You'll find other Ukulele designs in my shop and I also have a listing for Custom Designed Ukes. I can also paint on any other musical instruments like concert Ukuleles, guitars, recorders etc. Just send me a message and I'll get back to you with a quote. The same applies if you'd like a particular brand or model of instrument. :)

Please note that my Ukes will now be in a Matte finish.

I ship all Ukulele orders using a signed and tracked delivery service, giving you and I piece of mind when the Uke is in transit. If you wish to order with standard shipping, shoot me a message and I will send you a discount code.

Love & Light,

Instagram: @lupineheartclothing

Image of Midnight Garden Hand Painted Ukulele
Image of Midnight Garden Hand Painted Ukulele
Image of Midnight Garden Hand Painted Ukulele
Image of Midnight Garden Hand Painted Ukulele