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Image of Custom Made Keyrings (Fantasy/LoTR/GoT Inspired)

Custom Made Keyrings (Fantasy/LoTR/GoT Inspired)

Build your very own, unique Fantasy, Middle Earth or Games of Thrones inspired Keyring!

Our Keyrings are Silver Plated. Our charms are made from Antique Silver. All Charms are Limited Edition and will not be restocked once they sell out.

* Keyrings are £6 and include 2 Charms (Pick up 2 Keyrings for £10 using the drop down menu below)
* Please leave your 2 desired charm names in the Note Section when you checkout. If no charm names are left, we will randomly select the charms for you.
*Additional Keyring Charms can be purchased individually from our 'Charm Bracelet listing' (See our Jewellery section for this listing)
*If you are unsure of the name of a particular charm, just send us an e-mail or message on Instagram to confirm (@lupineheartclothing). We will respond immediately/Within 12 hours.

Note: All charms have an individual split ring (Silver Plated) that can be opened and closed. This means that you can take off the charms or add them onto your Keyring whenever you like.

Choose from a large selection of charms:

*Targaryen Crest Charm
*Lycanthropy Charm
*Elven Archer Charm
*Lannister Crest Charm
*Gwahir, Lord of Eagles Charm
*Dwarven Axes Charm
*Magic Toadstool Charm (1 left in stock)
*White Tree Charm
*Dire Wolf Charm
*Last Moon of Autumn Charm (1 left in stock)
*Dragon Charm
*Beorn Bear Charm
*Thranduil's Moose Charm
*Gandalf's Hat Charm
*'Time for Tea' Teapot Charm (SOLD OUT)
*Autumn Leaf Charm
*Mallorn Leaf Charm
*Last Leaf of Autumn Charm
*Dagger of Nolderin Charm
*Black Arrow Charm
*Bilbo's Acorn Charm
*Raven of Wisdom Charm
*Anchor of The Valar Charm
*Daughter Of The Sea Shell Charm
*Book Of Spells Charm (1 left in stock)
*Lightning Scar Charm
*Feather Quill & Ink Pot Charm
*Wizard Hat Charm
*Cauldron Charm (1 left in stock)
*Native Chief Charm (1 left in stock)
*Little Owl Charm (1 left in stock)

All of our jewellery/keyrings/charms are lead free and presented in an Organza Gift Bag.

We are based in Manchester, U.K and We Ship Worldwide!

All prices are in British Pounds (£)

All currencies are accepted at the checkout. You can also use a Currency Converter (Such as XE Currency) to Google your estimated order cost.

UK Delivery: 2-4 Days
International Delivery: 5-10 Days

All orders are shipped out within 24 Hours with a FREE Unique, Hand Inked, Signed & Numbered Artist Postcard.

We look forward to sending you a bunch of goodies!

Image of Custom Made Keyrings (Fantasy/LoTR/GoT Inspired)
Image of Custom Made Keyrings (Fantasy/LoTR/GoT Inspired)
Image of Custom Made Keyrings (Fantasy/LoTR/GoT Inspired)
Image of Custom Made Keyrings (Fantasy/LoTR/GoT Inspired)