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Unchain Your Mind (Hand Painted Ukulele)

Can you give a loving home to a musical piece of Art?

The musical piece of art featured on this post is the 'Unchain Your Mind' Ukulele. This design symbolises freedom of spirit, freedom of the mind and the freedom to break free from the chains that society places upon us.

The words along the 3 sides of the body read: 'Unchain Your Mind'.

My Soprano Ukes are hand painted with love with over 8 hours of careful detail and attention. They are painted with Earth Friendly inks and coated to protect and preserve the artwork.

Each Uke is unique and a one off. They are hand numbered, signed and personalised. They also come in their own carry bag so that you can take your Uke on all of your adventures!

This listing is for the Unchain Your Mind Ukulele. The photos display each side of the Ukulele and a personal message or customisation can also be added to the back for a small additional fee (to cover the cost of the paint and coating). See the drop down menu for the option to customise.

We also have listing for custom designed Ukuleles. This means that you can have your Ukulele designed exactly how you want it. You can find this 'Custom' listing in our Ukulele section. You can also send details to: before placing your order, so that we can discuss your desired design.

Love & Light
Lupine Heart.

Uke orders are shipped out 2-7 days after the order is placed, allowing us time to beautifully paint and perfect your Ukulele before sending it out. We thank you for your patience during this time!

We are UK Based and Ship Worldwide.

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