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'This Will Be Recovery' Poetry Press Original Art

"An overflowing room of untidiness. Puddles of tears, unintended. Where the weight of fresh clothes is almost enough to sink you into the floor. But this will be recovery, oh this will be recovery." - Taken from my original Poem, Recovery

A story of survival from rock bottom. A journey from darkness into light.

This Poetry Press is made from Thick, Homemade Recycled Paper and Hand Collected and Dried Carnation Petals.

Size: 10x10cm

This is my second ever poetry press and will be numbered '002'. The first poetry press was 'I embrace myself' and can be viewed on its individual listing.

This poetry press is unique and will not be re-created. It has been signed and numbered on the back and can be personalised if you leave your name in the note section at the checkout.

When you purchase this piece of original art, I will also send you a hand written copy or Poetry Zine extract of the original poem from which this piece was inspired. You can also purchase more of my Poetry in my Poetry Zine, which is also available in this web store.

If you would like this piece to be threaded with string, so that it can be hung up, select the 'ready to hang' option in the drop down menu - This is an additional £2 and will allow you to display your unique Poetry Press on any inside wall.

Shipped within 24 hours.

U.K based, Worldwide Shipping.

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