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Lunar Divine Rainbow Notebook Series (One-Off Designs)

A symbol of consciousness, creativity, inner strength and awareness.

Step away from the conventional notebook and create with vibrancy in our Hand Stamped Lunar Divine Rainbow Notebook Series.

Designed consciously, each with a unique cover, take home a one of a kind gift.

Each different colour notebook contains a different paper style (all plain/unruled pages) to encourage the artist or writer to experiment with their style and embrace change.

Only 1 of each Notebook design is available; if you resonate with a piece of art, make it yours whilst you can.

Available designs:

*Leaves Of The Fall Notebook (Red) (Velvety Paper)

*Light Of The Sun Notebook (Yellow) (Embossed Paper)

*Strength Of The Sunset Mandala Notebook (Orange) (Parchment Paper)

*Ocean Tamer Notebook (Pale Blue) (Natural Paper)

*Mountain Wanderer Notebook (Pale Green) (Textured and Embossed Natural Paper) (SOLD)

*Child Of The Universe Notebook (Dark Blue)

*Forest Child Notebook (Dark Green) (Textured Recycled Natural Paper)

For Closer Images of a particular notebook or more information on a particular paper style, send us a message using the contact page, via Instagram DM or e-mail - We will be happy to send you close up shots and give you more information.

Pricing and Bundle: (If purchasing a Bundle, leave a Note at the checkout with your desired Notebook choices)

Single Notebook: £7

Pair of Notebooks: £12

Set of 3 Notebooks: £18

Set of 5 Notebooks: £28

Our hand inked and hand stamped pocket journals are the perfect companion for any roadtrip or adventure; take them on all journeys.

These notebooks include 40 high quality, artist grade pages and are 10x15cm in size.

Each notebook is signed, hand stamped and numbered on the back.

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*We ship worldwide, accept all currencies and accept Card or Paypal
*All artwork and poetry is original and trademarked by Lupine Heart Clothing 2016.
*Lupine Heart Clothing is based in the UK. All orders are made, packed and shipped from the UK.

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