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Love, Light & Good Vibes Original Framed Artwork
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Note: Cat not included.

Take home a piece of Original Lupine Heart Art, framed and ready to be displayed.

We don't sell printed/copied prints here, we are all about hand finished, hand drawn and handmade pieces of art.

'Love, Light & Good Vibes'

This piece of art manifests positive energy and serves as a reminder to keep company with light, happiness and joy within your life and on your path.

Can you give this piece of original art a home?

Frame Size:


The frame has a stand on the back and also has a hanging clasp, allowing it to be displayed on a shelf or a wall.

*We ship worldwide, accept all currencies and accept Card or Paypal
*All artwork and poetry is original and trademarked by Lupine Heart Clothing 2016.
*Lupine Heart Clothing is based in the UK. All orders are made, packed and shipped from the UK.

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